La Feria Del Bebé is a massive event for the family in the segment of fairs with a great acceptance in Panama and in the world for the format and the quality of organization to achieve more than 15 years since its creation. It is an event recognized by families as a tradition and a place to receive valuable information for the care of their babies.

La Feria Del Bebé annually receives more than 12,000 visitors made up of young couples with babies between 0 and 5 years old, planning couples and pregnant women with their families. The fair has 187 exhibition spaces and around 120 exhibiting companies.

La Feria Del Bebé is organized by Expo Eventos de Panama, a company dedicated to the organization and coordination of Congresses, Conventions, Fairs and Exhibitions that has the commercial direction of Estheisy A. Villarreal, a great events professional and the executive direction of Luis Ricardo Martínez Fajardo, who has continued the tradition started by Mr. Franklin Martínez Reyes, a pioneer in the professional organization of Congresses and Conventions in Panama since 1973.

La Feria Del Bebé, in addition to being an area for the exhibition and sale of products and services for Maternity and Infants, the Baby Fair reaches an even deeper objective:

  1. Promote and sensitize families about the importance that children, from an early age, receive the appropriate care and evaluations for their comprehensive well-being, Guide parents on the appropriate protocol for special care in early childhood, Give theoretical and practice to families about the techniques and forms of early stimulation to develop at home with their babies and encourage the taking of preventive measures from pregnancy. The growth and development of children have a considerable influence on the development of countries, so promoting the proper development and comprehensive well-being of children contributes to improving the quality of life in the country.
  1. To be the annual platform where action plans are launched and promoted to meet the needs of children, babies and families. For example:
  • Feria del Bebé lanzó the campaign “Safe baby on board” aimed at promoting the importance of the use of child restraint seats for children’s road safety. Once launched, the Panama Road Education Foundation was endorsed and, together, actions have been carried out to get the message to civil society and authorities in the country.
  • The “Include me” campaign promotes social inclusion and the importance of prevention from pregnancy to provide timely special attention to children with special abilities. In addition, to provide visitors with an inclusive event through inclusive activities, evaluations, access and a promotional campaign that can reach people with special abilities.
  • Additionally, an annual donation is made to a foundation that comes from a percentage of the box office and exhibition spaces are donated to foundations such as: Fundación Oír es Vivir, Fundación Educación Vial, Manna Panamá, among others.

Mayor información de la Feria del Bebé 2020:

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