The Federation of Organizing Entities of Congresses and Allied Latin America (COCAL), a federation that brings together the entire value chain of the Meetings Industry in Latin America, swears its Electoral Assembly through a virtual platform on August 27, 2020, resulting elected for assume the Board of Directors period 2020-2022 the following representatives:


Elizabeth Tovar                                 República Dominicana                     President

Ana María Viscasillas                        Puerto Rico                                        Vicepresident 1a.

Anita Pires                                             Brasil                                                    Vicepresident 2nd.

Estheisy Villarreal                              Panamá                                                General Secretary

Ana María Gallego                             Colombia                                               Secretary Assistant

Soledad Urtubey                                Argentina                                              Treasury

Denisee Mac Cubbin                        Perú                                                          Vocal 

Isabel Puebla                                      Cuba                                                          Vocal

Sandra Reed                                      Estados Unidos                                      Vocal



For 37 years, COCAL has provided enrichment to the institutional actions and training programs of an industry that is, in the world economy, the industry that contributes 13% of the World Gross Domestic Product, positioning itself as an economic spearhead in the countries that have achieved execute a business strategy for this specialized market niche.

Today COCAL is a benchmark in the meeting industry in Latin America and the entity that brings together hotels, OPC`S, service providers for congresses, conventions and the like.

In the global situation, this organization is committed to specializing in the education of professionals in events as an engine for the socio-economic development of the countries and at the same time as an integrating entity of the best practices that provide security to business visitors who meet for different reasons.

Estheisy Villarreal, a professional with more than 15 years in the meetings industry, represents Panama through the Panamanian Association of Professionals in Congresses, Exhibitions and Related APPCE and is currently the director of Expo Events in Panama.

The Swearing-in will be attended by international allies such as: PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association), ASAE (American Society of Association Executives); all parts of the Events Industry Council.

The specialized press and important players in this market segment are also invited by registering on the site



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